"As a designer, Jillian is a whole different animal; She’s a unicorn! When I placed my store’s website into her hands, I had no doubt that she would make it my dream site. Jillian brought my brand's vision to life online and I regularly received compliments on how amazing the site looked. With expert knowledge of Adobe programs, typography, and layout, she created beautiful graphics that always impressed. Even when constructive criticism was given, she was enthusiastic to edit designs in order to improve them. 

She was more than an employee; she became like family! For these reasons and so many more, she stands out as not only an excellent designer, but a hard working and wonderful teammate. I’m absolutely certain that Jillian will be an asset to your company and highly recommend her if success is what you’re looking for."
Tina Setia, Owner, Femmebot 

"Jillian brings her great artistic eye to every project and has been a wonderful teammate! She can switch gears quickly between client projects and is mindful of staying true to each client's aesthetic and brand. She's created wonderful web sites, social media art and print pieces for a variety of businesses. I couldn't do what I do without her!"
Rachel Mehta, Owner, Heights Marketing

"One of the best decisions I ever made was hiring Jillian Pfund. Not only was she highly skilled at designing what we needed for our publications, but her administrative skills were top-notch and, quite frankly, made me look good. She kept on top of deadlines and produced excellent work. I highly recommend Jillian to any team."
Michael Droege, Owner, The Youth Leaders Network

"I've watched Jillian build her career path and have consistently been impressed by her creativity, dedication and focus. She brings a positive influence to all projects and a fresh relevance to all she takes on. Jillian improves anything she touches."
Carol Osbourne, Manager, The Youth Leaders Network

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